Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Truth About Waxing

I realize it has been a while since I have blogged. This time of year I am brought back to the importance of regular scheduled waxing. I know I know, none of you want to hear about it. Its painful it cost money, but at the end of the day here are all the benefits of keeping this painful and  sometimes embarrassing experience regular and to put some of the myths to rest.

1) Waxing regularly makes it hurt less. TRUE
I know you don't believe me, but the longer you have between waxes the bigger the root grows making it more painful to have ripped out. Also, the longer the hair gets the harder it is to work around which in turns makes the process take a little longer. I DO NOT like inflicting pain, but it is my job to remove the hair, it gives me great satisfaction to wax someone who over time says "well that just doesn't hurt the way it used to"
2)Waxing makes the hair grow faster and darker. FALSE
Waxing properly is pulling the hair by the root. over time, the root eventually gets smaller and smaller and over time the growing process slows right down.
3)If you wax an area that doesn't have much hair more will grow. FALSE
Our entire bodies are covered in hair, minus our lips, Palms of hands and palms of feet. For women, as we age the hormones changes the hair on our faces can change to darker coarser hair. This happens regardless of waxing or threading. Common area to have hair that didn't before are chin, upper lip, and neck. This is when waxing and threading becomes very important, "not by the hair on my chiny chin chin"
For some men they never had hair on their back and shoulders but as they mature the hair can tend to grow thicker and more in these areas.
4)How young can you start waxing?
Generally speaking, I start waxing clients around the age of 12-14. Every ones hair growth is different (some earlier some later) but on average 13 is when girls begin to wax their legs as they become aware of the hair.
5)how to avoid the black dots in the underarms?
This is a very common concern for women, because the hair under our arms can get quite coarse and dark, when you shave and cut them off you can still see the little black dots when you raise your arms. Waxing will prevent this as it pulls the hair right out by the root leaving no hair behind to see.
6)Ingrown Hairs, no one wants to talk about them, they can be ugly to look at and in some times even get inflamed, painful and infected.
-Prevent in gowns by having a professional wax you, improper waxing techniques can confuse hair follicles.
-please please please try not to shave in-between
-If you are prone to in gowns on your bikini area. Try a treatment like Flawless, In Grown Treatment from Whish. Wheat Germ Extract restores and soothes, yeast extract regenerates and the willow bark extract fights inflammation. Use this daily on Bikini and underarms to soothe and prevent irritation. Natural product with organic ingredients. Tested on us, not animals.
This product is available through SpaMobile for $22. Email, call or text if you would like to order some or if you have any questions.

-Exfoliate every day.
in the shower using a loofah, gloves or product gently scrub over the areas that you wax. This keeps the dead skin sloughed off and the opening of the hair follicle open for eventual regrowth to come out. Moisturizing regularly will help. Wait 24 hours to exfoliate waxed areas.
-If you feel like your hair growth is not slowing down you can also try a Hair Inhibiting Product like this one from Whish as well. Available in 4 flavours this is a Natural product with organic ingredients. Tested on us, not animals.
This product is also available through SpaMobile at $26.
Waxing is a fabulous way to get smooth flawless skin, follow these simple steps to getting your best beach body look.

Hair should be about a quarter of an inch, do not go for waxing after sunning or steam bathing. Avoid the sun, pools, hot tubs and steam baths for 24 hours. if you have any questions please call Amanda, SpaMobile 778-893-3420 or email for more information or to book your next appointment!


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