Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SpaMobile featured on Vitamin Daily

Vitamin Dailys' Maria Tallarico did a wonderful write up on SpaMobile Monday. If you didn't see it, here's the link and if you are  not subscribed to Vitamin Daily here's your chance to sign up to get the latest and greatest delivered to your inbox!

Check it out now

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wait for the credits to see if your favorite colour is featured

This video was too cute not to share with all my Manicure lovers out there!

SpaMobile will have Chanels hottest colours this Fall 2011 season.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

wax on wax off

With Vancouver's summer at it's peak I have been spending any free time poolside at Jericho, paddle boarding at Kits and relaxing with the family at the Cabin. All of these places have something in common, Men with hair on their backs. I have battled the urge to offer my services to these hairy men, but the thought of their humiliation keeps me from doing it. There are Men who like to wax their chest, brows and even legs (for sports) and all of these are optional but I stand firm on my belief that if you have hair or someone you know has hair on their back it is as a caring friend of family member that you refer them to me or some professional. Do not let them/do not use depilatory creams, (these are chemical's that dissolve hair = not healthy) Shaving can leave horrible razor burn and can become extremely itchy.
Backs are one of the two most sensitive areas on the body to wax. The other being the upper lip. It is very common after a back wax to have a break out of little bumps and/or rash. Do not be scared, this can also be prevented by not showering in extreme temperatures right after, swimming, working out and hot tubing. If you do react, it will only last a couple days, this usually only happens the first couple times you wax and then your skin and hair follicle adjust.
If you, your husband, boyfriend, partner, brother, dad, uncle, cousin or nephew have any questions..... email or call.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

Touring America

The newest OPI Collection is in. What is your favorite colour this Fall going to be? I already know mine...... I brake For Manicures, and Road House Blues. Send me an email to order any of these colours before the suppliers are all sold out!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Deck Feet

This is a term some of you may be aware of and others of you not. This is the very dry, almost shredded heels that your feet turn into after spending weeks walking on your docks and decks bare foot.
Regular Pedis will help this but really Flip Flops and shoes are the only way to prevent the wood from absorbing all the moisture from our feet.
The best cream I have found to deal with this is the Gehwol Blue intense foot cream. The thick emulsion filled with extracts of Tea tree, Rosemary and Mint ( is to name a few) is a sure way to keep your feet soft between Pedis at the Cabin or Cottage this season! $15 a tube, email me to get your feet ultra smooth this season.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

SpaMobile's newest addition

In case the new website wasn't enough, SpaMobile is pleased to announce the
addition of Sandra Laratta. Sandra's love of the beauty industry began when
she was just six years  old.  Most of her time was spent in her Mom's Beauty
Salon where she would paint the clients nails and massage their hands. When
she was just out of High School she began working at Club Monaco
Cosmetics. She continued to study makeup and esthetics's in her hometown of
Calgary and later on, here in Vancouver.  She graduated with an
Esthetics's Diploma from Em Beautician School and was shortly after employed
with Companies such as M.A.C, Niko Cosmetics and Skoah.  Being a
performer and musician her whole life she can relate to always wanting to
feel and look your best.  "I love to take care of people and help them be
the best version of themselves. It always makes me smile when I'm in
the middle of a facial or pedicure and I see my clients worries melt away! "

To book an appointment with Sandra for one of her tremendous services please
call 778-893-3420 or email us at
SpaMobile is pleased to be able to offer multiple services now. To book your party of 2 or more call for an
appointment today!

Monday, June 27, 2011

lots of other things last 8 days too.....

So this is the second picture my client has sent me to prove to me how well her Mani is lasting. This one titled, 8days. Not Bad!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make your Manicure last!!!

Frustrated that your Manicure doesn't last? Wish you could get 5 days without a chip?
Here a few tips for after your Manicure to make it last!

1) For long wear choose a lighter shade, Dark shows everything!
2) Pick and choose when you really need to wash dishes, clothes, kids and anything else that cause hands to submerge in the water for periods of time
3) Don't pick at anything! Nails, skin, pimples, scabs, dried counter goop or open beer cans.
4) Apply a Top Coat 2-3 days after your Manicure to ensure long wear.
(OPI Top Coat is available to order send me an email if you need some)
5) Get healthier nails with a monthly Mani and weekly mini or polish change. This will keep your nails, cuticles and hands in great condition. The more your nails are painted the better you are at protecting them!
Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tips about waxing everyone should know....

So the other day I was working out with my cousin at Rep 1 fitness. We were talking about waxing (this is very common in my group of friends) and the more we talked the more I realized that people aren't educating their clients as much as they should.

So here's some things you need to know about waxing.

1) Upper Lip and Back are the most sensitive and reactive on the whole body

2) Hair should be about 1/4 of an inch to pull it out by the root, the more you wax, the smaller the root so you don't need to let the re-growth grow as much

3) The more you wax, the less the hair grows back. For example waxing your lip will not make it grow in more, darker or faster! I get asked this ALL THE TIME

4) Waxing regularly, every 4-6 weeks will make it less painful. Longer hair, means bigger root, which means more pain!

5) Exfoliating regularly will lessen your ingrown hairs. Sometimes for the bikini area, the tighter and lacier the underwear the more ingrown hairs you may be susceptible too. Use PFB Vanish everyday to prevent and diminish them. Don't pick if it is blind, you'll make a bigger mess of it. If you can see the hair just below the surface, after your shower gently squeeze. If it doesn't come out leave it to the professionals.

6) Shaving in between is a waste of your money on waxing. Book your next appointments ahead of time to avoid the last minute razor incidents

7) First time waxers will have 3 different hair growths. It is going to take  3-5 times to get everything on the same cycle.

Be patient it will come good I promise!

Remember not to have really hot showers, steams or hot tubs right after and if you have any more questions ask your Esthetician!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Go Canucks Go

Well we may not have the weather we were hoping for but at least we have something to cheer for. Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals!!
You don't have to look for fans, they are everywhere. On game day ever bank teller at the RBC was wearing a jersey, even the women who took my dry cleaning was wearing a shirt to support the Blue.
It may not be the correct shade, (as that colour isn't the most flattering on the skin).
Try Chanel's 461 Blue Satin, it is elegant, Blue and my idea of fashionable way to support our Canucks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Closet Cleansing

So normally I Blog about nails, polish and work stuff, but what you are about to read was so fantastic I needed to share.

The lovely and beautiful Jessie Carlson arrived at 10:30 yesterday morning for what I now determine to be the closet cleansing. We spent 2 hours quite intensely, going through my wardrobe. I tried on everything I owned and she Yeah or Nayed it. I consider myself to have a fairly good sense of style and what works but over the past 2 years I have been doing A LOT of shopping. Jessie in the sweetest and most polite way told me when things didn't look their best or possibly something else I had looked better. Some things maybe "dated" or "worn"were put in the cabin pile, other pricey, hardly worn pieces in the Dragon and Phoenix pile and the remainder to be donated to Wish, The Women of the Downtown East side. She made a shopping list of items my closet was missing ie. black pencil skirt, but also in the order of necessity. So the brown belt and thin black belt as well as some summer heels come before the skirt. I think the thing I most benefited form was her ability to put together some outfits I would never have tried. As I shop mostly 1 piece here and 1 piece there I rarely buy the whole ensemble at once. Thanks Jessie, I feel lighter and even more organized if that's possible.

I wanted to share this with all of you as Jessie is professional and a dream to have into your home and personal space.
Check her out at and maybe you too will get excited to see a new Blog on her website!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Perfect for matching

That's right, Chanel Black Pearl!!!!!!!
Hard to get find but well worth the chase. This season Blus and Metallic are making a comeback, if you don't fancy either at least give this one a go. It has more to offer than your plain old OPI You Dont Know Jacques or Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, but less Rock and Roll then your Black Onyx or Chanel Black Satin. Try it under the Katy Perry Shatter or on its own. It is the perfect "in between season colour" to go with absolutely anything in your closet. SpaMobile carries OPI and some of the seasons hottest from Chanel.
Book your appointment today!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Honeymoon might be over, but the polish isn't!

Well, I must admit. I contemplated getting the $9 Pedicure at the Blue Ocean Resort in Mui Ne. I bought the Chanel Paradoxal Duty Free and thought maybe I didn't want a bright colour on my nails for SE Asia. I stuck with my gut, avoided any potential germs and fungus and kept the lovely Dutch Tulips on for  the entire 3 weeks.
Here is a pic of my toes as I am leaving Koh Tao. 3 weeks later, 8 flights, 7 different rooms, 6 runs on the beach, 10 hours of walking around Angkor in my runners, dusty roads, walk on the beach daily barefoot, and in and out of the water all day long in an attempt to cool down...... 1 microscopic chip and re-growth. Not bad if I do say so myself.
Are second Honeymoons acceptable?????
Happy Spring Break

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wa Wa Wa Wax

Well, after making sure all my clients were ready for my trip, I didn't anticipate my Esthetician taking a last minute trip to Calgary. I was left with a choice, attempt the tough but not impossible task of my own Brazilian, or brave a new girl. I weighed out all my options but as time was ticking I opted for #2. I made an appointment at a place recommended by someone. I was excited, as they also used cold wax, something we were not taught in school but I have been hearing more and more about it lately. I was waiting till the Spa Show on the 21st to get more info. This gave me the opportunity to try it out (or should I say have it tried on) first hand.
The girl was lovely, everything was to be as expected until the first rip. Her technique was unlike anything I have seen or been taught. I can hardly describe it, except much more painful. She held both ends of the strip and did a sea saw like motion. It felt like more pulling on my skin. I thought I was going to see bruising and skin loss. I bared the unusual technique and except for redness all was fine. The Cold wax, first she applies oil, she tells me the cold wax is better for areas that are most delicate and prone to skin loss. The cold wax is applied much thicker, glob like. It dries for a minute and then the Esthetician used her fingernail to flick up a corner, she then grabs the corner of the wax and "rip". I did not find it less painful as I had heard people say it was, and the area was left not even close to hairless. This was prob due to the oil. Well of course you aren't going to rip off skin if you put a barrier on the hair that barely allows the wax to reach all the hairs let alone the skin!
I was disappointed, I of course did not complain and paid, went home to re wax and attempt to clean up what she didn't.
I am curious of your story. Did you like the cold wax? Did you find it less painful? Was the area left hairless? If you have an experience please leave a comment, or if you would prefer to remain anonymous email me at
I am glad I tried a new girl while mine was unavailable. It reminded me, stick with what you know and what works. I also had a chance to try the cold wax, I was not impressed but I will look into more about it at the Spa Show in case it was maybe the waxer not the wax. Learn from my mistakes and book way ahead for trips and special occasions!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vacation Vacation Vacation

There are so many things to prep before a trip, especially a sun vacation. New bikinis, beach towel, sun screen. In our case bug spray. I don't want to forget any sun dress, or pair of shorts that has wedged their way to the back of my drawers and closets!
Then there's the maintenance, timing your wax accordingly, and doing it right before you leave for the smoothest, cleanest skin.
I have been exfoliating and moisturizing up a storm and the little fine hairs are growing longer and longer so that the wax the day before I leave will rip all the little suckers out by their big roots. This doesn't mean you can't wax while you are already away.  From experience, I just prefer the wax and technique of my usual Esthetician.
If you feel the need to prep with some colour on your skin, try a cream product or spray tan, those booths get nothing but bad press and Skin Cancers are no fun!
Polished toes, are the finishing touch for any open toed shoe occasion. Polish will generally last 4-6 weeks, depending on how hard you can be on your feet. But the closer to take off the better.
And remember, your Esthetician hates saying no, so book early to ensure the timing is perfect for you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ingrown Hairs.......

Well no one really wants to talk about them, they are aren't pretty and can also be quite painful. On some occasions they have to be lanced out by a doctor. People ask all the time, "what can I do about Ingrown hairs?"
Here are a few tips:
1. Exfoliate almost daily in the shower or bath. Use a loofah or my favorite is Dermalogica's Exfoliating Cloth. I use a liquid soap and wash/exfoliate my entire body daily.
2. If you still notice some ingown hairs, gently squeeze. Sometimes the coagulated hair will pop right out. Do not squeeze so hard that you break or damage the skin. Your Esthetician should do this for you when you visit for a wax.
3. Shaving against the hairs causes root growth confusion. In other words, DROP THE RAZOR!
4. PFB Vanish is an ingrown hair treatment. This roll on gel exfoliates and moisturizes and is specific for ingrown hairs, razor burn (who does anything that burns?) and bumps. Contact me if you wish to order a bottle, $17
5. Avoid lace underwear the day of waxing, it causes more irritations.
really tight underwear or also causes irritations.
Hope these quick and easy tips help you get your bikini area ready for Spring Break!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Special Treat

The other day I visited my client at the Cancer Agency. She is  in the hospital having radiation done. When we are sick in the hospital, there is not a lot of things we want. The gift of pampering can really lighten ones spirits. Flowers and candies are always really lovely, but sometimes we don't have an appetite and if you can't change the flower water, well we all know how horrid that smell can be.
How about the gift of pampering? If you know someone bed ridden at home or in the hospital SpaMobile is an incredibly thoughtful and heartwarming gift to receive. I am always amazed by the power of optimism, and the strength people show when they seem to be out of energy. I love making people feel better, and what better way than a massage and painting a beautiful colour on your hands and feet!
Remember to look after your body; drink water, exercise and laugh!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Secret to Dating....

Usually your Esthetician is the first to find out your pregnant or dating. It comes with the personal territory, and for that it is also the reason you become trusting of your "waxer".
It is in my experience, that when dating occasionally or even just seeing what's out there that you always make sure you are ready. And by ready, I mean cleaned up. This is the reason you should be booking regularly for your waxes. Every 4-6 weeks, this not only ensures the pain is less, but it keeps everything under control. Underarms, Legs, Bikini,Upper Lip and even Brows. All the things these guys are looking at. If you feel comfortable you come across as more confident!
Now gentlemen, don't laugh but this goes for you too! Chest is a totally personal choice, some men prefer it bare, some hairy. Others leave the choice to the woman. But there is never a choice about back hair, get it gone! A little or a lot, it doesn't matter, a few minute of pain is well worth the rewards. No woman is going to massage a mass of hair, and why work on your deltoids if they are covered up with hair?
Remember, hair should be about a quarter of an inch, don't plan to hot tub or sauna right after and hot hot showers should always be avoided! Regular waxing (with no shaving in between) will decrease the amount of hair and size of root over time.
And if you are still shaving....... well just give wax a chance!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome 2011
I hope you all had a safe, fun and special New Years Eve. I spent the night with some hilarious friends and family in  the beautiful and romantic Tofino. While a mini vacation was just what I needed, SpaMobile is excited for yet another year.
SpaMobiles pricing will have a slight increase January 1st to reflect HST. Website pricing to be adjusted.
January is referral month. Refer anyone to SpaMobile in the month of January and receive 50% of their service credited to your next appointment. Valid only in January, so tell all your friends and family and reap the benefits! 
Happy New Years