Sunday, August 28, 2011

wax on wax off

With Vancouver's summer at it's peak I have been spending any free time poolside at Jericho, paddle boarding at Kits and relaxing with the family at the Cabin. All of these places have something in common, Men with hair on their backs. I have battled the urge to offer my services to these hairy men, but the thought of their humiliation keeps me from doing it. There are Men who like to wax their chest, brows and even legs (for sports) and all of these are optional but I stand firm on my belief that if you have hair or someone you know has hair on their back it is as a caring friend of family member that you refer them to me or some professional. Do not let them/do not use depilatory creams, (these are chemical's that dissolve hair = not healthy) Shaving can leave horrible razor burn and can become extremely itchy.
Backs are one of the two most sensitive areas on the body to wax. The other being the upper lip. It is very common after a back wax to have a break out of little bumps and/or rash. Do not be scared, this can also be prevented by not showering in extreme temperatures right after, swimming, working out and hot tubing. If you do react, it will only last a couple days, this usually only happens the first couple times you wax and then your skin and hair follicle adjust.
If you, your husband, boyfriend, partner, brother, dad, uncle, cousin or nephew have any questions..... email or call.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

Touring America

The newest OPI Collection is in. What is your favorite colour this Fall going to be? I already know mine...... I brake For Manicures, and Road House Blues. Send me an email to order any of these colours before the suppliers are all sold out!