Monday, July 25, 2011

Deck Feet

This is a term some of you may be aware of and others of you not. This is the very dry, almost shredded heels that your feet turn into after spending weeks walking on your docks and decks bare foot.
Regular Pedis will help this but really Flip Flops and shoes are the only way to prevent the wood from absorbing all the moisture from our feet.
The best cream I have found to deal with this is the Gehwol Blue intense foot cream. The thick emulsion filled with extracts of Tea tree, Rosemary and Mint ( is to name a few) is a sure way to keep your feet soft between Pedis at the Cabin or Cottage this season! $15 a tube, email me to get your feet ultra smooth this season.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

SpaMobile's newest addition

In case the new website wasn't enough, SpaMobile is pleased to announce the
addition of Sandra Laratta. Sandra's love of the beauty industry began when
she was just six years  old.  Most of her time was spent in her Mom's Beauty
Salon where she would paint the clients nails and massage their hands. When
she was just out of High School she began working at Club Monaco
Cosmetics. She continued to study makeup and esthetics's in her hometown of
Calgary and later on, here in Vancouver.  She graduated with an
Esthetics's Diploma from Em Beautician School and was shortly after employed
with Companies such as M.A.C, Niko Cosmetics and Skoah.  Being a
performer and musician her whole life she can relate to always wanting to
feel and look your best.  "I love to take care of people and help them be
the best version of themselves. It always makes me smile when I'm in
the middle of a facial or pedicure and I see my clients worries melt away! "

To book an appointment with Sandra for one of her tremendous services please
call 778-893-3420 or email us at
SpaMobile is pleased to be able to offer multiple services now. To book your party of 2 or more call for an
appointment today!