Monday, June 27, 2011

lots of other things last 8 days too.....

So this is the second picture my client has sent me to prove to me how well her Mani is lasting. This one titled, 8days. Not Bad!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make your Manicure last!!!

Frustrated that your Manicure doesn't last? Wish you could get 5 days without a chip?
Here a few tips for after your Manicure to make it last!

1) For long wear choose a lighter shade, Dark shows everything!
2) Pick and choose when you really need to wash dishes, clothes, kids and anything else that cause hands to submerge in the water for periods of time
3) Don't pick at anything! Nails, skin, pimples, scabs, dried counter goop or open beer cans.
4) Apply a Top Coat 2-3 days after your Manicure to ensure long wear.
(OPI Top Coat is available to order send me an email if you need some)
5) Get healthier nails with a monthly Mani and weekly mini or polish change. This will keep your nails, cuticles and hands in great condition. The more your nails are painted the better you are at protecting them!
Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Tips about waxing everyone should know....

So the other day I was working out with my cousin at Rep 1 fitness. We were talking about waxing (this is very common in my group of friends) and the more we talked the more I realized that people aren't educating their clients as much as they should.

So here's some things you need to know about waxing.

1) Upper Lip and Back are the most sensitive and reactive on the whole body

2) Hair should be about 1/4 of an inch to pull it out by the root, the more you wax, the smaller the root so you don't need to let the re-growth grow as much

3) The more you wax, the less the hair grows back. For example waxing your lip will not make it grow in more, darker or faster! I get asked this ALL THE TIME

4) Waxing regularly, every 4-6 weeks will make it less painful. Longer hair, means bigger root, which means more pain!

5) Exfoliating regularly will lessen your ingrown hairs. Sometimes for the bikini area, the tighter and lacier the underwear the more ingrown hairs you may be susceptible too. Use PFB Vanish everyday to prevent and diminish them. Don't pick if it is blind, you'll make a bigger mess of it. If you can see the hair just below the surface, after your shower gently squeeze. If it doesn't come out leave it to the professionals.

6) Shaving in between is a waste of your money on waxing. Book your next appointments ahead of time to avoid the last minute razor incidents

7) First time waxers will have 3 different hair growths. It is going to take  3-5 times to get everything on the same cycle.

Be patient it will come good I promise!

Remember not to have really hot showers, steams or hot tubs right after and if you have any more questions ask your Esthetician!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Go Canucks Go

Well we may not have the weather we were hoping for but at least we have something to cheer for. Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals!!
You don't have to look for fans, they are everywhere. On game day ever bank teller at the RBC was wearing a jersey, even the women who took my dry cleaning was wearing a shirt to support the Blue.
It may not be the correct shade, (as that colour isn't the most flattering on the skin).
Try Chanel's 461 Blue Satin, it is elegant, Blue and my idea of fashionable way to support our Canucks!