Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Honeymoon might be over, but the polish isn't!

Well, I must admit. I contemplated getting the $9 Pedicure at the Blue Ocean Resort in Mui Ne. I bought the Chanel Paradoxal Duty Free and thought maybe I didn't want a bright colour on my nails for SE Asia. I stuck with my gut, avoided any potential germs and fungus and kept the lovely Dutch Tulips on for  the entire 3 weeks.
Here is a pic of my toes as I am leaving Koh Tao. 3 weeks later, 8 flights, 7 different rooms, 6 runs on the beach, 10 hours of walking around Angkor in my runners, dusty roads, walk on the beach daily barefoot, and in and out of the water all day long in an attempt to cool down...... 1 microscopic chip and re-growth. Not bad if I do say so myself.
Are second Honeymoons acceptable?????
Happy Spring Break

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wa Wa Wa Wax

Well, after making sure all my clients were ready for my trip, I didn't anticipate my Esthetician taking a last minute trip to Calgary. I was left with a choice, attempt the tough but not impossible task of my own Brazilian, or brave a new girl. I weighed out all my options but as time was ticking I opted for #2. I made an appointment at a place recommended by someone. I was excited, as they also used cold wax, something we were not taught in school but I have been hearing more and more about it lately. I was waiting till the Spa Show on the 21st to get more info. This gave me the opportunity to try it out (or should I say have it tried on) first hand.
The girl was lovely, everything was to be as expected until the first rip. Her technique was unlike anything I have seen or been taught. I can hardly describe it, except much more painful. She held both ends of the strip and did a sea saw like motion. It felt like more pulling on my skin. I thought I was going to see bruising and skin loss. I bared the unusual technique and except for redness all was fine. The Cold wax, first she applies oil, she tells me the cold wax is better for areas that are most delicate and prone to skin loss. The cold wax is applied much thicker, glob like. It dries for a minute and then the Esthetician used her fingernail to flick up a corner, she then grabs the corner of the wax and "rip". I did not find it less painful as I had heard people say it was, and the area was left not even close to hairless. This was prob due to the oil. Well of course you aren't going to rip off skin if you put a barrier on the hair that barely allows the wax to reach all the hairs let alone the skin!
I was disappointed, I of course did not complain and paid, went home to re wax and attempt to clean up what she didn't.
I am curious of your story. Did you like the cold wax? Did you find it less painful? Was the area left hairless? If you have an experience please leave a comment, or if you would prefer to remain anonymous email me at
I am glad I tried a new girl while mine was unavailable. It reminded me, stick with what you know and what works. I also had a chance to try the cold wax, I was not impressed but I will look into more about it at the Spa Show in case it was maybe the waxer not the wax. Learn from my mistakes and book way ahead for trips and special occasions!