Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Look at my Lashes"

The Mountains are dusted in snow and it continues to fall in the right spots. I can't wait to get up the mountain and get into some of that powder.
I love my board, my jacket, boots and pants all match and I have a choice of 3 cute toques to wear, the only other decision to make is, make up or not? You never know who you are going to see at lunch in the Roundhouse, or maybe mid day you want to take off your goggles. Do I go out with out mascara and then my eyes are small and beady looking, or do I load up the mascara and run the risk of raccoon eyes?
Lash Tinting! this makes my blond lashes look fuller and darker without having to wear make up.  There is Brown, Black and Blue Black, Blue Black is the way to go, the deepest darkest black you can get.
The answer for the look of make up for places like the gym and ski hills!
If you are looking for a more dramatic look to take to your next party, book a set of Lashes. Individually glued on to look natural, this 2-3 week lasting treatment gives you the lashes you always dreamed of.
Book your set for your next Party or Vacation!
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What to Buy?

So I have been feeling like my Christmas shopping should be done, and yet it is only December 6th. Then I remembered the snow we had, I think that made the season come a little early.

So I have my husband, Dad and Sister in Law covered but Mom and Brother still to do.... both as equally hard as the other.

While I ponder 2010's most popular gifts I will remind you of a great one for almost anyone on your list this year it a SpaMobile Gift Certificate!!! Valid for a year and available for any service or denomination.

Call or email to order yours today!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well if there isn't as good a time as any to stay in it's now! For some reason they are blowing outside air through the halls of our building?!?!?!?!
But I admit, I like the cold. It brings fresh air and it's beginning to feel a lot like........... WINTER! Mountains, snow and hot chocolate!
Remember in this weather (especially you snow bunnies) to protect your skin! The harsh cold and high winds are a killer for even the toughest skins but the Sensitized and Rosacea skins will truly suffer. Moisturize!!!! and SPF if it's sunny!

Your face isn't the only skin to suffer. I am sure most of you have noticed the dry cuticles and chapped lips as well. This is the time of year it's best to always carry a small bottle of hand cream and lip balm in your purse, console of your car, and next to the bed! Unfortunately for you I am going to tell you about my fav lip treatment called Lucas Paw-Paw.

Not available this side of the equator, my Aussie Mother In Law ships this over for me. The Papaya based lip balm does wonders for cuts, burns, dermatitis, eczema and dry areas.I don't mess around with the small sizes anymore. Place orders with friends and family headed over to Australia!      

Bath and Body works has arrived in Canada, This is my husbands favorite, funny enough it's called My Favorite Lip Balm.

Avolplex is the one and only for me. The nourishment of the avocado oil softens dry, brittle nails. Avoplex helps prevent chipping and cracking.

The foot cream for dry cracked heels, is also my favorite for dry hands or ones that suffer from eczema. The bergamot, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus is good for the ole sinuses too!                                                   

To get your hands on any OPI or Gehwol products or to enquire about other products please call.                                                                                 

 So stay warm, stay moisturized and stay in, let us come to you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My First Ever Blog!

Well look at me so computer Savvy! This whole Blog thing is way easier than I thought, I would have done it earlier had I known!
We are officially into winter, it is cold, windy, rainy and I need gloves! This is the time of year we only like to leave our homes for necessities. So why fight the wet streets in flip flops after your Pedi, or go out sans gloves post Manicure, when you can stay in, stay warm and get pampered?
Invite your friend over, sit with your husband or snuggle up with a cup of tea and a current mag and have all your pampering done in the warm and comfort of your own home.
This week I am loving the glitter, I am recommending it to everyone! OPI's Bring on the Bling is the perfect colour to match any LBD for your next Holiday party.